Non-sleazy networking strategies for long-term Business.

Partnerships in conjunction with Joe Polish.

If you’re in business and are planning to become one, then you must be aware of the name of my colleague Joe.

Joe Polish went from being a broken carpet cleaner addict, addict, and abuse survivor, to creating Genius Network — one of the top entrepreneurship organizations in the world. He assisted in developing many businesses and was instrumental in providing me with some of my first breakthroughs. He’s also generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.

What’s the secret to his success? Don’t cringe —


It’s not the superficial, self-focused business card you could imagine.

In the end, Joe Polish teaches entrepreneurs how to establish lasting, genuine, and hospitable connections with fellow humans. He says, “If you’re a person who values people and can solve their issues… you have no limitation to what you can do.”

Today on MarieTV Today, we dig deep into Joe’s early struggles as well as how to establish long-lasting relationships, and the lessons learned from his book, What’s in It for Them 9 Genius principles of networking to get the results you want by helping Others to Get What They Want.

Learn now and watch:

  • How do you become an effective “giver” without being used?
  • Where can you locate the role model (if they don’t exist)? IRL).
  • The 3 vital elements to network authentically.
  • What is the reason becoming”a “pain investigator” is crucial to establishing trust?
  • It’s the Million Dollar Racehorse lesson that’ll change the way you treat yourself.
  • What can you do to provide value even when you’re only just beginning your journey?

If networking makes you feel ill, This episode should be watched.

DIVE DEEPER: Discover how to network effectively as an introvert. I’ll also share my top three ways to make friends.

Right now, Joe and I like to have a conversation with you.

What’s your greatest revelation, thought, or lesson you learned from this discussion? Have you changed your mind regarding your business or marketing and networking? And, most importantly, how can you put this new knowledge into practice in your work or personal life?

Comment below and tell us your ideas.

The bottom line is that humans are wired to connect. We are dependent on each other. But the true magic happens when we move from a mindset of “What’s to gain to me?” to “What’s in it for them?”

Joe and I want to see more heart-centered, kind, and genuine business leaders worldwide. That’s how we’ll build the world we’d like live in.

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