Ten Tips For Productivity From Business Owners With Multimillion-Dollar Enterprises.

Managing and increasing productivity is an ongoing objective if you’re a novice to the business world or are a veteran founder. Some founders prefer to establish grounding morning routines, while others jump straight into work as soon as they get up.

Whether they’re scaling up an existing business, fighting supply chain issues or gaining fame via social media, 8 business owners told Insider how they organize their workdays to ensure success.

Set up a routine for your mornings that is grounded.

In 2017, Megan Roup noticed a shortage of private dance classes. So, she created The Sculpt Society to teach dancers and non-dancers at studios across New York City studios.

She refused to reveal specific figures with Insider. However, she said the company’s revenues would grow by 700% by 2020. In addition, her weekly newsletter for email has 110,000 subscribers. Roup boasts 265,000 Instagram followers. Instagram.

When her husband is caring for their infant, Roup prioritizes her morning routine. Simple things like drinking lemon-infused water and multivitamins, making coffee and eating breakfast before the start of the day make her feel more grounded.

Write down what you’d like your day to unfold.

Kathleen Cameron was a nurse for 12 years before launching her coaching firm, Diamond Academy, in January 2020. In 2021, the company generated greater than $11.5 million in income.

Cameron begins her day by pondering how she wants her day to progress, what she would like to achieve, and how she would like to feel. After that, she will spend 10 minutes of an enlightened meditation and writes down her top goals throughout the day.

“I’m simply setting the stage for what I want my day to unfold,” she said.

Check the company’s data.

The restaurant opened in June 2020. Ria Graham launched Kokomo, the restaurant in Brooklyn, offering distinct versions of Caribbean food, including sweet plantain pancakes and shrimp flatbread Braised oxtail Jerk chicken.

Kokomo had over $1.9 million in gross sales at the close of 2020, according to Insider’s documents. This year, the company has reached close to 4 million dollars.

When Graham is the company’s manager, together with the help of her husband, she is responsible for reviewing the company’s data while he is working on-site. She will check customer reviews and point-of-sale software to determine how the company performs. For instance, she’ll evaluate the popularity of certain drinks well or if the server is experiencing difficulties.

Blocks of time with no interruptions

Daniel Snow, 28, is the co-founder of two multimillion-dollar companies. The media company RapTV and The Snow Agency, a marketing firm The Snow Agency. In addition, he owns his own creative studio Kindred which creates customized videos, photos and other advertising material for customers.

Between 9 until and 9:30 11 a.m., Snow doesn’t make calls. Snow said the reason is to avoid interruptions. “This gives me to go through the in-depth documents from my department heads, which need my final approval or changes to be completed,” he said.

Make sure you prioritize exercise or movement.

Angeles Balek, the founder of her own swimsuit company, made 7 figures in sales in the last fiscal year as customers purchased her vibrant prints and bathing suit, according to the documents she provided to Insider. Famous faces like Halle Berry and Naomi Campbell have worn her swimsuits that range from $180 to $500.

She explained that the ability to move is essential to Balek’s efficiency. She usually starts the day with a walk or swimming or meeting the personal trainer of her choice for a challenging exercise. “It will make my body and mind feel refreshed and rejuvenated”, she explained.

Pause throughout the day

Hope Dworaczyk Smith is the designer of the line of skincare Mutha that is expected to bring in 3 million dollars in revenue this year, she stated. She manages motherhood and business by adhering to a strict schedule that includes time for her.

“If I find myself with time between meetings and the children are at school, you will be sure to find me reading nonfiction on leadership, business and self-improvement,” she told me.

Some of her most loved books are “The Code Breaker” by Walter Isaacson, “The Whiteness of Wealth” by Dorothy Brown, and “Metahuman” by Deepak Chopra.

Set goals and regularly check whether you’re meeting them

Profile Gounari works two jobs. She is employed full-time by the Silicon Valley-based insurance firm SafetyWing and is the creator of The Z Link, which aids companies in refining their offerings to Gen Zers. The company is expected to make six figures by the end of next year, according to documents that Insider verified.

Because she’s managing two roles, Gounari often reviews whether she has achieved the goals she set for herself the week before. For instance, she’s trying to reach out to remote workers and nomads via social media while the work-from-home lifestyle continues.

Pay attention to your body.

Dana Hasson has about 2.4 million followers on TikTok and 116,000 on Instagram. She’s well-known for sharing baking tips and beauty and fashion-related content.

In March, she launched her cooking tools collection, including edible glitter and baking supplies. Both jobs keep her busy. Even while working through the night, she is listening to the body. Hasson will shut down her laptop and then wind down with a TV show from Israel, where she was born and calls her parents every evening.

Write to-do lists

Jamie King decided to take her part-time job full-time in 2017 after her daughter’s medical bills began increasing. She now owns The Slay Coach, which helps business owners learn how to promote their own consulting and online courses. In the past, she’s brought in more than 1 million dollars in sales, which Insider confirmed with the help of the documentation.

To manage her hectic schedule of work and three children, King writes out to list of tasks to keep her organized. King has a personal to-do list that helps her keep track of her kids, who are homeschooled, with a checklist to help control her workload. Additionally, she categorizes the tasks according to importance—three items that must be completed and two that she’d like to finish.

Delegate daily tasks that you’re too busy to handle

A founder’s life is usually constantly shifting between jobs, but many days, it’s impossible to complete all the things on your list. Sometimes you must outsource everyday tasks such as cooking or child care.

Lola Tomorrow started her mentorship and consulting company, Faith Figures, in 2020, following the COVID-19 pandemic. Has wiped out more than $600,000. Projects she was planning for 2020. Between January and June 2022, Faith Figures earned over $1 million in revenues.

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