Three Reasons Why Business Cards Are Dying (And What To Do About It).

Are business cards dead? I’ll tell you the truth; within my first year of experience with Ramit, there’s one subject I’m not allowed to bring up with him concerning the old testament fury. What’s that subject do you think?

Business cards.

It’s no secret that Ramit dislikes business cards. But I can understand why people devote the attention and time they deserve.

People believe they are an essential element of running a business and earning money.

However, is this the case?

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the myths associated with business cards and then show you what you can do to bring in more business than you’ll ever know which to use.

  • The first reason is – Business cards can be distracting
  • The second reason is – Business cards aren’t working
  • Reason #3 is that business cards can appear sleazy

What else can you do?

The first reason is – Business cards can be distracting.

We can safely say If you’re in the business world, you’re in it to earn money. Are you aware of what could hinder you from earning more money or stop your business from ever being able to get off the ground?


This is among the major issues we at IWT have worked hard to assist students in removing.

When someone is first starting an enterprise, they’ll have the urge to take action regarding a variety of irrelevant things that aren’t going to help the company grow.

Consider it. You think for hours about what you want to put on your card for business or how the design should look, and then you pay (that could be used for other, more important things) to have them designed.

Once you’ve made them, you’ll spend the time giving them out. It can give you the impression that you’re doing a good job yet still struggling to gain the business.

For a successful business, you require systems. Here’s an example of three systems I employ to expand the online presence of my company:

  • A method to draw the attention of others
  • A method to get people to sign up for my email list.
  • A method of selling my product.
  • That’s it. Every business card you can find will not help you without basic systems in place.
  • The second reason is that business cards aren’t working

The most basic inquiry to make before purchasing business cards is, will this aid me in acquiring new clients or establishing new contacts?


When you last went to an occasion and gave your business card, how many people did you follow up with? Ramit has conducted a test and found less than one response from 100.

The cold, hard fact about business cards is they just don’t work. They don’t work well enough to justify the effort and cost required to make and distribute business cards.

It also makes more sense to locate those you would like to meet and send an email to them directly. Do not rely on anyone to get in touch with you. This is just plain lazy.

If someone asks you, “Do you have a business card?” Just say, “No, I didn’t carry my own, but could I get your contact info? I’ll contact you.”

And then do it.

The third reason is – Business cards can appear dirty.

I’m not trying to bring bad news, but if you are the person who attends an event and hands out business cards, you’re likely the type of person that people don’t like to speak to.

We’ve all met this person who attends a networking event and is trying to speak to everyone to give the attendees one of those cheaply-made cards.

It’s a complete turn-off.

And the worst part is that he isn’t sure how he’s presenting himself. An alternative is to just talk and establish connections with people you are interested in.

This will result in you earning more clients than the one handing out cards like a madman.

Do this instead

The purpose of business cards is that they bring in more customers for your business. There are numerous more efficient methods to achieve that.

  • I developed a method that has been employed by my students in many ways to earn several hundred thousand dollars.
  • It’s known as The Briefcase Technique and is an absolute game changer.
  • Here’s a short video of me explaining the procedure.
  • The briefcase strategy will allow you to impress prospective customers and make costs irrelevant.
  • If you’re unsure of a business you can start, We’ve put together a free guide that includes successful business concepts that can be implemented now!
  • If you’re interested in learning how to begin (and market) your own business, click on the button below to start.

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