Tips For Business From The Millionaire-Making UK.

Glen Armstrong, the millionaire-maker in the UK, shares five entrepreneurial strategies ahead of the release of the new edition of his book.

Glen Armstrong is a property consultant and investor, well recognized for helping thousands of investors invest in properties. In the lead-up to the release of his forthcoming book, You too can be a Real Estate Millionaire, Armstrong shares his top advice for entrepreneurs.

1. Improve your systems and processes

Suppose you’re confident that your accounting systems, office systems, bookkeeping, and property management are in good order and efficient. You can focus on the IGT (income-creating tasks) of your business. Amid small-scale tasks is a waste of your time and is too valuable to lose!

2. Change your mindset

Get rid of the everyday noise. If this means using an online Assistant, take advantage of it. Success isn’t just following a formula or an established strategy. It is also about the type of person you’re, your values, and your mindset. Many of us were not helpfully influenced by hostile family members or experiences from childhood that could be a barrier to realizing our maximum potential.

3. You can enter the No Excuse Zone and rewrite your story

What’s your personal story?

Everyone has one. Our narrative is the one we say to people to justify the idea that where we are now isn’t our fault of us but someone else’s. If it weren’t due to them, to the economy, the changes in the market, or whatever, we could today be prosperous. Yes! However, before you share your story again and get the sly smiles and sympathetic words from those around you, I want to remind you that this is the no Excuse Zone. You must leave your story in the past and put your excuses in the locker room; this is not the right place to be a victim.

Likely, you don’t like to listen to this, but you indeed are who you are, what you are, and who you’re made of because of the hundreds and thousands of decisions you’ve made over the years. Each time you have chosen the most straightforward option instead of the best option and then bottled it, each time you failed to take action based on what your gut was telling you you should have done has brought you here today. Each choice builds upon the one before, which is why you’re here.

However, here’s the positive side of the story. The past is what it is. There’s no point in looking back and saying, “If only .” it was that easy!” What you can alter can be the future you will have. From now on is yours to alter if you decide to!

4. You can rely on your judgment

The key to success is sound judgment. In my training and workshops occasions, I am asked by people, “So where can I learn to have good judgment?” To which I respond, “Good judgment comes from experience.” They inquire, “So where can I get experience?” You learn from poor judgments, make mistakes, and then learn from mistakes. Another way to avoid making mistakes is to study with your mentor and gain from their mistakes.

5. Find a mentor whom you trust and respect

You could attend classes or conferences and feel fulfilled and motivated all the moment, but you return home and become distracted by work and life. All your good intentions go unnoticed. Group mentoring programs provide ongoing support and training to keep you focused. They offer education, brainstorming, peer accountability, and guidance in a group environment to improve your personal and business abilities. It is also possible to meet one-on-one with your mentor to create your business plan, establish the goals and targets, and track and discuss obstacles, problems, and achievements. Recap your objectives and successes and stay focused in times of difficulty.

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