For Only $40, You Can Get This 7-Course Guide For Starting a Business.

Access courses in content writing and branding.

It can seem overwhelming to start a business when you first think about it. There are many things to consider whether you plan to open your brick-and-mortar store or go e-commerce. Although it may seem daunting to turn your idea into a reality for your business, the Guide to Starting a Successful Business Bundle can help. The current price is $39.99 for this seven-hour business guide (opens in a new tab). It will give you tools to help get your business started.

What are the essential things you should know to start your own business?

These courses are taught by LinCademy instructors, an offshoot of Crafty E-learning Ltd., and rated 5/5 by their instructors.

This bundle combines the soft and hard skills that can make it easier to grow your business. The 10 Must-have Soft Skills Your Workplace Needs will focus on understanding empathy, nonverbal communication, building self-confidence, and managing a team (opens in new tab).

These soft skills are covered in Leadership: Comprehensive Leadership Toolkit. You can learn how to build a strong mindset and see what it takes to be a leader and how to have a healthy relationship with your subordinates. According to a 2018 survey, 76% of job applicants considered their bosses “toxic.” These courses can help you create a team that is excited to work with and for you.

You can learn how to act from some courses, while others will show you what you should do. Learn the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur in sales: Top 10 Sales Secrets, Content Creation and Publishing on social media, and Cybersecurity: How to Implement Security Measures to Prevent Attacks. These three courses, which cost $600, could help you create effective leads, sell products or services, create exciting content, capture your audience’s attention, and protect your business against cyber threats.

These skills could be applied to your business idea. Or you could read A Guide to Starting a Successful Freelance Business.

You may be closer than you think to achieve your business plan.

The Guide to Starting a Successful Business Bundle (opens in a new window) usually costs $1,400. However, for a limited period, it’s only $39.99.

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