Five Simple Ways to Identify Business Ideas That Could (Really) Change the World.

Do you want to think of an idea that could change the world? Start by thinking locally. What exactly is it that your local community require?

It’s essential to pinpoint industries and companies poised to achieve significant market growth. However, entrepreneurship is more than simply identifying an idea that will earn substantial money. To tap into the power of motivation that creates lasting success, the concepts they develop must be potent enough to alter the world by having significant economic, environmental or social impacts.

If your concept meets this requirement, you’ll be more determined to conquer the business challenges if your product or service is a force to benefit. It’s because it’s something you’re emotionally involved with. The difficulty is, naturally, finding these business ideas in the initial place.

How do you accomplish that? Here are five easy methods to find business ideas that will change the world:

1. Find opportunities within your local neighbourhood.

While languages and cultures might differ, most issues facing us are the same across all regions. So one of the best methods to find new ideas that could change the world is to start locally. Look for problems that affect your community.

To gain an in-depth perspective on how to search for opportunities locally by email, I contacted Geoffrey Leslie, CEO and president of Screams. The company based in the Netherlands is set to make a difference on the local and global scale with the technology known as MAPS (Major Appliance Power Station), a green energy generator that can be put within a commercial or home. This is a device that could change the lives of communities all over the globe with the cost-effective energy it generates, which is self-sustaining.

“So many of the best ideas come from our observations,” Leslie wrote to me, echoing my idea about looking around. “But to obtain these insights, you must get out in the community.”

The group suggested joining a community group to understand better the issues they’re trying to solve, as well as reviewing news articles about the issues affecting your city. “These micro-level interactions can make all the difference in finding an issue you can address,” Leslie explained.

Instead of trying to change the world in one shot, you could identify ideas that could first be tried within your community. This is an ideal way to improve your efforts and quantify the impact you make as you plan to take your idea to a larger stage.

2. Make use of your personal experiences.

Many of the most influential ideas that can change the world originate from experience, and the challenges entrepreneurs have encountered in their personal lives. Consider the challenges you’re currently faced with. The issues you’re facing could affect your current business ventures, your personal life, and your home.

You’re not the only one facing these problems.

Instead of waiting on someone else to fix your issue for you, take the necessary steps to transform the world by forming an innovative business plan that addresses your problems. In addition, you must realize that when you’re solving your issues, it’s more likely to be enthusiastic about generating and distributing the most effective solution.

In the case of Leslie, it was looking at his home residence in the Netherlands and observing a significant dependence upon fossil fuel. This, in conjunction with growing concerns about climate change and the need for a sustainable energy source, made his idea a substantial step for his business and the global community that could help to increase the democratization of energy production.

3. Find ideas to will get others engaged.

Many of the most popular innovative ideas in the world provide more than just the latest item or service. They aim to alter the way people think about their daily lives. Changes in how people think can have a much more significant impact and reach over the long term.

Check out this story provided by the consultant to business Monica Bourgeau. In her post on HuffPost, “[Author and TEDx speaker] John-Paul Flintoff works to protect the planet and stop climate change. He realized that he could help in a short time by inviting his neighbours to join him. But he did this not by saturating them with research and facts and apologizing for their ignorance, but rather by offering them … tomatoes.

Each year Flintoff provides extra tomato seeds to his neighbours. Bourgeau wrote in his note: “This simple and kind act started his neighbours growing some of their food, thereby slightly reducing their environmental impact.”

The outcome: When the community and customers become personal, you’ll contribute more impact than you could.

4. Make it a point to ask your friends how you could help them.

Making up thoughts by yourself can be challenging. This is why brainstorming has proven to be an effective tool. You might be trying to think of an innovative idea. However, numerous people around you with unique insights could guide you in your direction.

Be bold and talk with various groups to get some ideas.

You could, for instance, talk to family members and friends about particular challenges. You could also consult with similar colleagues who are also looking to be influential. You can even organize focus groups within your local neighbourhood.

Successful businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, particularly those that want to transform the world. By leveraging others’ suggestions, you’ll get more ideas on issues you can tackle and some ideas of how your company could tackle these issues.

5. Help others through meaningful charitable work.

The initial business idea you come up with is optional to be revolutionary. However, if you combine it with a well-planned charitable effort, you could be a positive force.

I’ve previously featured Habir Sian, who turned his company’s eyewear business into something more than a conventional business because of glasses he gave away, and he set up the foundation of sustainable eye clinics in emerging countries. Sian was one of many people to create his company with these charitable ideas in his mind. However, when he identified the actual problems in his industry and addressed them, he was able to make philanthropic causes integral to the company’s image. Eyeglasses alone may not be able to change the world. However, pairing them with this charitable outreach could.

If you’re looking to improve the living conditions of poor people or change how you work, identifying an additional purpose for your work could make all the difference in your efforts to become an entrepreneur.

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