Five Resume Trends That Will Take Hold In 2023–And How to Use Them Yourself.

Over the past several years, successful resumes for the past few years have evolved.

It’s easy for people to be scared by news reports concerning mass layoffs and the possibility of a recession. Many workers plan to search for a new job during the new year.

One of the most critical questions that job seekers have to ask themselves is, “Is my resume good enough?”

  1. They might ask, “Am I marketing myself well enough?”
  2. And they might Google, “Can I get a new job in 2023?”

I’m an ex-search consultant and an executive resume writer. I’m glad to announce I can say “Yes,”–especially for those who apply to the job market with a resume geared towards the requirements of those who make the final decision.

Five trends will become popular in 2023, and how can you take advantage of these trends to be successful regardless of whatever the new year brings you?


In the past several years, those resumes that are most successful have been redesigned. Effective resumes once told what job seekers wanted to say about themselves. Today, they are addressing the needs of the market.

In 2023, it will require knowing what keeps executives and hiring executives awake all night.

Recent surveys of CEOs have revealed that CEOs are anxious about essential issues such as the following:

  1. Growth: CEOs view 2023 as a challenging year for businesses. Try to show how you can increase growth, even amid a down or slow economy. Include your growth-related stories in numbers on top of your achievement bullets.
  2. Retention of talent: Many CEOs are worried about the people they hire. Are you able to build and retain an excellent team? This is a second bullet idea to add. Include your average yearly retention rate when it is higher than 85%.
  3. Technology 2022: I observed a variety of technological adoption in my clients’ businesses. The digital transformation continued. AI (AI), as well as machine learning (ML), have gained ground. Numerous organizations have just begun with these paths. Therefore, if you’ve worked on any digital, AI, or ML initiatives, they should be listed on your resume by 2023.

Beyond CEO concerns, examine job ads to gain insight into the challenges faced by hiring managers. If the job postings mention deliverables, include these when you write your resume. If the postings don’t contain specific deliverables, you can infer them or seek help from a mentor you find the deliverables. You can also obtain information from recruiters.

Remember that you can be someone other than the highest-ranking executive to be involved in an initiative. If you participated in an industry that had a positive outcome, you should report the results, impact, and role.


Since the beginning, career counselors have advised job applicants to include accomplishments on their resumes, and they stressed that job seekers should be able to quantify their achievements. In the coming year, those in charge of hiring will want to comprehend the significance of each accomplishment.

For example, an achievement might read “Collected 30% of past-due accounts receivable.”

An impact statement would be expanded to include “Collected 70% of past due accounts payable. Facilitated $1 million loan repayment and an annual reduction of $70,000 in interest expenses.”


CEOs are worried about finding employees with the right skills to expand their businesses. Major job search engines such as LinkedIn promote hiring based on skills.

Many hiring decision-makers are now skeptical about the claims of applicants’ abilities on resumes.

So, what do you do? Start by identifying the five most essential competencies required for the job. Next, weave proof of using those skills into accomplishment/impact bullets. If you cannot do this, consider getting a certificate of basic competence.

Skills-based hiring is likely to rise. However, the days when you could add a skill list to your resume and be expected to be credible have gone. In 2023 your resume will fare better when you provide the proof.


The custom of filling the resume with more decoration as a holiday tree topped in 2022. The new trend in resumes for 2023 will be simple.

That means recruiters can skip adjectives, charts, adverbs, and elaborate designs on resumes. Many companies will state that they do not want these types of plans.

Hiring managers want stated facts and hierarchical, easy-to-follow, reverse-chronological formats. These leaders will ensure that simplicity will be the new trend for resumes in 2023.


Then, those looking for jobs in 2023 can utilize new and practical tools to speed up their job search. Here are a few examples:

  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT is one of the most efficient machines learning AI models available today, and it can solve job seekers’ questions. I asked, “What are the biggest issues facing CEOs?” It provided me with a five-point response to my question. Although only a little information, the tool could inspire anyone to look at a blank page when writing their resumes.
  • LinkedIn Career Explorer: Give Career Explorer a job title, and it will give you an array of relevant skills. Explorer has 6,000 jobs in its database. So the chances of getting helpful information are very high.

Rewordify I highly suggest job seekers utilize Rewordify. It allows users to post a job advertisement and determine the most appropriate keywords for their resume.

Change is happening at a rapid pace around us. Be aware of these trends in your resume for 2023 to create a memorable first impression!

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