“Glass Onion” Portrays The Delusional Talent Of Futurist Billionaires like Elon Musk.

Miles Bron presents himself as the tech-savvy boy genius. The type of person who claims to be a visionary speaks about the potential of disruption. However, it’s just a facade. That’s all sizzle and nothing more. The guy steals ideas and intimidates those below him. He’s a billionaire who believes he’s got everything figured out but does not even know what he knows.

Does this sound familiar?

It may inspire you to think about that person currently operating Twitter. If there’s anything we’ve learned from this nonsense saga, we’ve learned that Elon Musk may have a different personality than the one he’s been creating himself into. Sure one of his companies makes rockets, but you don’t think that Musk often appears to be a billionaire who is totally out of touch with the real world. It’s incredible what a prophet Glass Onion was in that regard. The film shows that our billionaire rulers may not be who they would like us to believe they are.

This is why we are back Miles Bron, the tech billionaire Edward Norton plays. He told Norton about the character: “Miles Bron has never had an original idea at any time in his life. That’s an excellent summary of his character.”

They drive this message home in the film, and it’s difficult not to notice certain Muskian similarities up to the minor details. Like Musk manages Twitter, Bron transmits bizarre business ideas for his staff and even fires individuals based on poorly thought-out tweets. Bron assigns impossible deadlines to jobs he’s not even aware of and is similar to Musk and his cryptic code reviews. Bron has a false liberal belief system, including green energy (more on this in the future). However, those around him know how red-pilled he is (it’s actually called out). That’s Musk.

Glass Onion, which drops on Netflix this Friday after releasing a limited theatrical run, was shot before any of Musk’s recent Twitter incidents. The film is also relevant to the current situation so well. The film comprehends people like Musk at the core of his. There are many similarities between Musk and Bron to mention. I wrote most of them on my notepad when taking in the films in a dark theater. (Not for a reason, it’s hard to write legible notes in a cinema.) People are posting on Twitter — and elsewhere they have noticed the similarities.

What’s most important is what the film says about characters like Bron and Musk. Norton’s character is a one-to-one match to Musk; however, Bron is also a little of the faux hippie-dippie Look that Twitter’s previous boss Jack Dorsey, flirted with.

Bron is a complete fool. Bron stole the idea of his entire company. He killed Andi (Janelle Monae) and then covered up the murder. He also killed Duke (Dave Bautista) and covered up the murder. He can get off because people believe he couldn’t ever be so dumb.

Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) says it all:

“His dock doesn’t float. His wonder fuel is a disaster. His grasp of disruption theory is remedial at best. He didn’t design the puzzle boxes. He didn’t write the mystery. Et voila! It all adds up. The key to this entire case. And it was staring me right in the face. Like everyone in the world, I assumed Miles Bron was a complicated genius. But why? Look into the clear centre of this glass onion. Miles Bron is an idiot!”

Musk has portrayed himself as Tony Stark and has an army of sycophants and fanboys to prove the role. In addition, for reasons unknown, the fact that he has a lot of money is a sign of a high level of intelligence. Musk has launched rockets, constructed cars, and yadda and yadda, but he’s not been able to do any of those things! He took credit for doing it. Bron did not think of any of the brilliant concepts in his company either, and he certainly did not create anything by himself.

In the same way, Musk bullied his way to power and built his massive wealth off the valuations of his businesses. Bron describes the disruption process in terms of an uninformed knowledge of the disruption theory. However, in specific ways, it’s a more accurate description. You must be willing to dope and break the rules to accumulate that money and power.

Bron of how disruption works. Bron of the trouble of the way can be averted:

“That’s the place where you have to look within yourself, and ask: Am I the kind of person who will keep going? Will you break more things? Break bigger things? Be willing to break the thing that nobody wants you to break? Because at that point, people are not going to be on your side. They’re going to call you crazy. They’re gonna say you’re a bully. They’re gonna tell you to stop. Even your partner will say you need to stop. Because as it turns out, nobody wants you to break the system itself. But that is what true disruption is, and that is what unites all of us. We all got to that line, and crossed it.”

Glass Onion asks how and why we allow billionaires to rule our lives. It explains that having a lot of money and being valued for that is a way to manipulate and fool your way through everything. Bron is willing to take on a total catastrophe to power the world with a potentially dangerous energy source.

However, many people agree with it since he’s had his ideas fail. Musk has proven via Twitter and has demonstrated that with his other companies, he doesn’t care about those who work for him and perform the tasks Musk demands. Musk is often praised for being an innovative and intelligent businessman, and he takes credit for the work of others.

This is how Musk can manage Twitter, and he still needs to learn about the social media platform. Similar to Bron Musk, there’s no master plan in this. He’s just playing around because he believes that he’s a genius. Because he’s wealthy and successful, people tie themselves up in knots, trying to turn his flaws into an artful stroke. Oh yes, an $8 fee for a blue check is logical instead of having ads. Yes, no, Elon is an absolute free speech advocate, And he is adamant about banning journalists and rehabilitating hateful right-wingers. Still, he’s never the kind of person to be red-pilled.

The tunnels he has built for cars are logical and could be used by the city bus or subway. The reason he’s doing all this absurd, right-wing nonsense is that he would like to save the world against climate-related change.

To avoid getting to the root of American capitalism, If we recognize that those with all the power and wealth may not be the most intelligent all the time… what happens to our meritocracy? This is the lesson Bron is teaching the world about Musk. If you’re able to cheat and claw your way to the highest point, you’re enough to succeed. Failure would mean admitting some things, such as acknowledging that you did not deserve your position or realizing that the system is unfair and specific individuals are more brutal than others. It could also mean putting yourself at risk for negative consequences downriver. If this person is an absolute dumdum…who else is?

It’s true; Bron seems to be a Musk character. Bron appears as an innovative genius, just like Musk. However, Bron represents all the individuals in the power we need to ask questions about. Everyone was in the correct position at the right moment. Or, worse yet, those who pushed into the upper echelons using hook and hook and. Look at the crypto market. It appears as if it’s an MLM Ponzi scam. The future is not in currency the way it was advertised. It’s fraudsters sitting on each other’s shoulders wearing trench coats.

Bron represents all the people in power we should question. All the people who, at best, happened to be in the right at the right time. Or, at worse, people who elbowed their way to the top via hook and crook.

Glass Onion does an excellent job of showing that often the “brilliant” individuals are the types who will hurt other people to advance in the social ladder. The only thing the movie did not do right is that the film did not show that Bron had to face no consequences. The house he lived in is on fire. His house was ruined. It’s the Mona Lisa swallowed. He has a grim future ahead of him and could face severe consequences for his conduct if it were only.

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