Small Businesses Have A Lot Of Confidence.

The City of Cockburn, the Town of Claremont, and the City of Perth – all participants in the SBDC’s Small Business Friendly program – have been awarding grants to their small-scale firms. Successful businesses, as well as residents and visitors to the area, are enjoying the benefits.

The scope of local government grants ranges from business development to creating outdoor areas and economic development to revitalization.

Local governments offer grants to promote the development of local businesses, provide them with the money they need to increase their visibility, and provide benefits to their population of taxpayers. For the most part, grant programs allow applicants to be imaginative with their ideas, provided they meet the guidelines set by the local government.

City of the CockburnThe City of Cockburn recently concluded the latest round of Regional Economic Development Grants, which provide eligible small, micro and medium-sized businesses with as much as $5,000. The purpose of the grants was centered on innovation, establishing new ventures and training programs as well as upgrades to shopping fronts, and helping businesses recovering from COVID-19.

In April and May 2022, 65 grant proposals were received, which resulted in 27 businesses receiving a total of $99,500 through the City.

The grants were utilized in a variety of ways, including:

  • Balanced Living Enterprises developed an online store. The website Caroline’s skincare Pty Ltd and Walkey’s Water Covers each receive $3000 to upgrade their websites.
  • Pop-up outdoor areas for pop-ups The CuppaShack Coffee Lounge received $4,990 to create a pop-up alfresco space.
  • The drone light show is staged in the spirit of innovation. Global Unmanned Systems, trading under the name Stellar Lights, choreographed drone light shows for Fremantle Biennale. They have received $5,000 in funding and created Tasmania’s first lighting show using drones.
  • Training programs offered included mentoring, online business education, and worker training. Skills for Your Career, Asset Reliability Inspections, and Wunderkind received $2,500 and $3000 for their training programs.

Town of Claremont

Claremont, California. Claremont announced nighttime activation grants, which awarded $100,000 to small-scale businesses in the area to develop events and programs that draw visitors to the town after it gets dark. Sixteen grants, which supported over 30 different events, were awarded. The purpose of these nighttime grants was to stimulate and inspire, collaborate, and offer exciting nighttime programs to bring economic, social, and artistic benefits to the town of Claremont after 6 pm.

Local business feedback on how they utilized the grant was extremely positive:

  • “We saw many people contacting us after the event about when the next event was scheduled, so we’d be happy to host another event if we had the chance. I appreciate your help!” – Tamara Yoga.
  • “I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for this amazing opportunity. I had a great time creating these classes and hope to continue them in the following months.” The Joanne Colley beginner art Classes
  • “The celebration was a total success. Everyone was thrilled. Thank you for your continued support. – Mauricio Alpizar – immersive fashion show at ICON

Applications for grants will be available up to June 2023.

The town of Claremont also hosted a Neon Night Trail in April 2022. It encouraged families to join in and walk a trail in the town’s central area, complete and small-scale businesses hosting special events or activations menus. The event greatly benefited the local economy at night by bringing visitors of all age groups to the town’s center.

City of Perth

The City of Perth began the second phase of the four million CBD Revitalisation Grants on 1 September 2022. It intends to promote activities in both the City and Northbridge through March 2023. The first round of applicants for events scheduled for 30 December 2022 received 76 submissions currently being evaluated. The grant aims to improve pedestrian traffic in Perth CBD by utilizing empty buildings that are not being used and to boost Perth’s nighttime economy. Perth business nighttime.

Candidates can apply for funds up to $100,000 in Round 2 of the program, administered through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC). The applicants can also request funding from the WA Government to use Elizabeth Quay, Yagan Square, and the Cultural Centre Precinct as part of their application.

The third round of Round 3 of the CBD Revitalisation Grants program will be open for applications from February 2023. The event will run until 30 June.

Local governments can offer tips for small-business grants

Although grants programs can benefit small-sized enterprises by giving them external funding to organize events, develop new locations and boost their visibility, however, there are benefits local governments can reap from providing grants, including:

  • This makes their area appealing to both businesses and the general public.
  • Create innovative events or activations at an efficient cost without using LGA resources.
  • Innovating new approaches and ideas by establishing innovative businesses.

When making plans for Small Business Friendly grant programs targeted at local businesses, LGAs need to consider not only how organized events and activities they sponsor contribute to their strategic goals but also how they help successful applicants and other local businesses.

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