The Apple Business Connect Tool is now free!

Apple Business Connect was launched recently by Apple. This free tool allows businesses of any size to adjust how their information appears in Apple apps.

What is the Apple Business Connect Tool, and how can it help you?

Companies can also claim their place cards. The key information they can customize includes how the business appears to Apple’s billion-plus users on Apple Maps, Messages, Wallet, and Siri.

Apple Business Connect allows customers to connect with businesses on Apple Maps in new ways.

Customer connections and brand control

During the launch, Eddy Cue (Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services) spoke. He said: “We created Business Connect to give Apple users around the globe the most accurate information about places to eat and shop, travel, etc.

Apple Business Connect gives every business owner the tools to communicate more directly with customers and has more control over how billions of people interact with their products and services daily.

Apple Business

Businesses based in the United States can already use Business Connect. It will soon be available worldwide.

Apple Business Connect: Small Business Benefits

Apple claims that Business Connect was designed for small businesses. This is to give small businesses the same digital access and customization options as global brands.

The interactive Apple Maps placecard allows you to manage all aspects of your business, including adding photos and logos. Customers can be invited to order food or make reservations directly through the Maps app. Apple says companies can offer customers special incentives and promotions, such as product discounts or seasonal menus.

Business Connect Complementary Services

Business Connect can be used in conjunction with other Apple services. This should allow small businesses to increase their reach and encourage growth. Tap to Pay for iPhone will enable companies to accept Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and digital wallets through one tap on their iPhone.

Apple’s Business Essentials is another complementary service. The subscription includes device management, 24/7 support, and cloud storage.

Register for Apple Business Connect

If a business owner wants to register for Apple Business Connect, they will need an Apple ID. Your Apple ID will be used to register your company for Business Connect through the self-service process at the Apple website. You will need a laptop or desktop computer to complete the registration.

After your business has logged in and Apple verified it, you can claim and personalize your place card.

You can use the Business Connect API to provide accurate and current information to Apple Maps for businesses with multiple locations. With the help of listing management agencies like Reputation and Rio SEO, SOCi, or Uberall, this can be achieved for any company with multiple locations.

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